Canadian alt-folk singer-songwriter Shane Cloutier (aka #badassofacoustic) follows 2021 album release “Lie to Me ’til It’s Over'' with new single “Your Blues.” With this new track Shane digs deep into the uncomfortable truth of toxic relationships, and introduces a new bluesy sound.


Shane’s solo career was sparked after facing tragedy and he turned to music as a way to heal. His previous three-album acoustic trilogy have been an introspective of facing adversity, while heavily focused on perseverance and reflection.


His first album “In Light” is purely acoustic and features one of his most popular singles “Shape of Me” which reached #5 on the Google Play folk charts. His second album, “Red Wagon” introduces new sounds with live bass and drums. The third and final album of the trilogy, “Lie to Me ’til It’s Over” he breaks new ground with his acoustic sound mixed with cello and programmed beats. Now with his most recent single release, “Your Blues” we are introduced to a new side of Shane with hints of blues. 


With Shane’s determination to push through the heartache and trauma comes success. Shane has collaborated with multiple time Maple Blues award winner Tom Bona, legendary guitar player Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush, and grammy-nominated cellist Michael Olsen. His unique sound and guitar abilities have caught the attention of notable endorsement companies. Shane is the only Canadian endorsee for the Ibanez acoustic guitar range and the Canadian endorsee for Laney Amplification.


Shane’s strong emotional voice and his work as a guitarist, combined with his heavy metal influences creates an uncommon sound for an alt-folk musician. Shane is originally from Orillia, ON but now resides near Collingwood, ON where he continues to focus on his music and connect with his fans.