Rain Check

In Light

Each Time
Shape Of Me
Missed By Miles
One More Day
Fewer Words
Things We Might Have Heard
Tell You
Waking To Whispers
Look Away

Catching Up

Red Wagon

What Saves
We Can Hide
Red Wagon
How You See Me
High For You
Mute Swan


Rain Check
Catching Up



Due to COVID-19 some scheduled shows have been cancelled or postponed. For information regarding the upcoming Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush tour please visit the official website  

No upcoming events at the moment


Photo By: Jessica Crandlemire

The story of Canadian indie folk artist Shane Cloutier (aka #badassofacoustic), and his musical career hasn’t always been an easy one after suffering through tragedy. His determination to push through the heartache and trauma comes new ground and success. Shane is currently working with legendary guitar player Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush, and has collaborated with multiple time winner of the Maple Blues Drummer of the Year award Tom Bona, and other notable artists. Shane has recently signed a recording contract and has received endorsements from Laney Amplification, Ibanez, Fret-King, and Carl Martin.


Although Shane’s journey hasn’t always been the easiest, the struggles have helped him to create some very meaningful and relatable music for the world. He has released two acoustic albums that are both an introspective of facing adversity and tragedy. They are about perseverance and reflection and are truly written from his gut. These albums were very cathartic for Shane, and helped him to emotionally, physically, and spiritually move forward after facing the death of his wife and the mother of his children. “Writing these albums sort of tethered me to real life and didn’t allow me to sink which is exactly where I felt like I was heading”


Shane’s strong emotional voice mixed with his work as a guitarist and heavy metal influences creates an uncommon sound that is unlike any other indie folk musician. Shane Cloutier is a solo act originally from Orillia, ON who has been performing and writing music for years. He has released two indie folk acoustic albums and is currently working on his third. Both previous albums have created some musical success and he looks forward to more opportunities to have his music heard as he continues to work on new material that he is excited to share.

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LABEL | 5th Crown Music Ltd. | enquiries@5thcrownmusic.com


MANAGEMENT & BOOKINGS | Hanna Cameron | management@shanecloutiermusic.com | 705-984-2110

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